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Together Rise

by Chad Wilkins

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This is a simple stripped back acoustic tune, with a highly produced ethereal outro. The message is about community and individuality. One must be strong in their uniqueness and individuality, not succumbing to the pressures of societal, religious or cultural conditioning, in order to fully offer one's gifts to the greater collective. And thus, when we stand in our own power as sovereign individuals, and then give of ourselves in humble service to the greater good, we together rise. So do you. Be you. Be naught else, no matter what anyone says about it, and from this place of strength in oneself the world will be blessed. Together Rise.


You don"t have to go that way
You don't have to do whatever they say you should do
You are you, so do you
You don't have to play that game
You don't have to keep up with the way things change day to day
You are you, so do you

Some will submit and some will rebel
Others still will learn to play the system well
You are you, so do you
Some will attack and some will defend
But in the end none of the fighters win
You are you, so do you

The system, they're trying, they're trying to keep you down
The tyrant's establishment, they're trying keep you under
The oligarchy, the patriarchy, bureaucracy of the powers that be
The status quo by whereunto they're trying to keep you under
But you are not a number

We can walk a different road
We can talk a different story than the one we've been told
We are free, believe me
We can find common ground, and recognise that grace abounds
One but many, there is only one if there area any
For the circle is eternal, and together we remember (x4)
There's no bandits and bad guys when we pull the wool from our eyes
There is no "them", there's only "us"
Now we are waking up
Together rise (x4)

The masters, they're tying, they're trying to lift us up
The angels, our higher selves, they're trying to lift us higher
The light-beings are rising the lightning
And finding the timing to welcome to ascension of all who see
And we are rising higher, for we are divinely inspired

When we let go of the evolutionary
Need to be part of a group identity
Then we can be free Individually
Then we have something to offer to the team
So let me let go of trying to make you think
That I am something special or unique
I am a servant, may I burn brightly
In service to the "we", in graceful unity
I'll sing the harmony and let you take the lead

Together rise (x4)

For the circle is eternal and together we remember...


I will be drinking from mountain streams
Feeling things only the night liets you feel when it's still
I will be casting a line in the darkness
You can't see me fishing for words to describe this
Wishing for it to be timeless


released February 22, 2022


all rights reserved



Chad Wilkins Byron Bay, Australia

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